rsyslog logging aggregator

So before I leave for other pastures, I’ve been trying to knock out a few one-off projects that I’ve been meaning to get to since I started in this role.

Log aggregation has been pretty high in that list. Fought with it and finally got what I wanted… banged my head against a wall for a bit, though. But gee, sure does help if you RTFM.

Anyways, just wanted to document it here so I remember.

Most of it was pretty standard, so I’ll only include the relevant stuff.

Input (type="imudp" port="514" ruleset="misc")
Input (type="imtcp" port="514" ruleset="misc")

$template misc_messages,"/logs/misc/system/%$YEAR%-%$MONTH%-%$DAY%/messages"
$template misc_maillog,"/logs/misc/system/%$YEAR%-%$MONTH%-%$DAY%/maillog"
$template misc_cron,"/logs/misc/system/%$YEAR%-%$MONTH%-%$DAY%/cron"
$template misc_spooler,"/logs/misc/system/%$YEAR%-%$MONTH%-%$DAY%/spooler"
$template misc_boot,"/logs/misc/system/%$YEAR%-%$MONTH%-%$DAY%/boot"
$template misc_pymessages,"/logs/misc/pymessages/%$YEAR%-%$MONTH%-%$DAY%/pymessages"
$template misc_secure,"/logs/misc/system/%$YEAR%-%$MONTH%-%$DAY%/secure"

Ruleset (name="misc") {
*.info;mail.none;authpriv.none;cron.none;local0.none;user.none Action (type="omfile" DirCreateMode="0755" FileCreateMode="0644" DynaFile="misc_messages")
mail.* Action (type="omfile" DirCreateMode="0755" FileCreateMode="0644" DynaFile="misc_maillog")
cron.* Action (type="omfile" DirCreateMode="0755" FileCreateMode="0644" DynaFile="misc_cron")
uucp,news.crit Action (type="omfile" DirCreateMode="0755" FileCreateMode="0644" DynaFile="misc_spooler")
local7.* Action (type="omfile" DirCreateMode="0755" FileCreateMode="0644" DynaFile="misc_boot")
local0.* Action (type="omfile" DirCreateMode="0755" FileCreateMode="0644" DynaFile="misc_pymessages")
authpriv.* Action (type="omfile" FileCreateMode="0600" DynaFile="misc_secure")

So I’m coming from a shop that’s historically been Solaris through and through. We’re migrating a bunch of older (equal parts Netra 210/240 and 5220/5440) over to Linux VMs, though it’s tough to do that when your devs only want to develop for SPARC. Whatever. I’m trying to leave things better than I found them, so in order to get us away from versions of syslog-ng that really don’t play well under RHEL I decided to put together rsyslog, spin up a logging aggregator, and put it in place before I bail. So far, so good. A few more tweaks in my lab and then I’m going to get the prod aggregator up and running before I leave.

One more thing

For my birthday I purchased the DnD 5e Players Handbook. While I have to admit that it’s miles better than anything they (WoTC) had come out with over the course of the last 14 years (they released 3 in 2000, I think) I’m really not terribly impressed with it. Still seems a little more broken than I would expect.

So I’ve started buying all the 1e sourcebooks I can lay my hands on and I’m going to be running a Greyhawk game. I think I have a few people to play (6, actually) but attrition will probably thin that out a bit.

I also have to admit that it’s been over 25 years since I ran a 1e game. I remember that I really sucked. I do recall some of the 2e games I ran with some great fondness… I really wish I had kept with it and found a gaming group when I first moved out to Seattle. The gamers I fell in with when I first moved out here were great… But they were all kind of done with AD&D. I spent many lovely evenings playing Star Wars or the various White Wolf games with a bunch of great people (well,actually, we were all in our early to mid twenties, so we’re were really a bunch of douchebags). But, yanno… We had fun.

I’m trying to bring that back a bit. I want to have my regular gaming group and our multi hour sessions, and I want it to be on Gary’s system- no matter how flawed it may be. Because every so often you have to spend some time getting back to your roots so that you can appreciate what you’ve got now. You know… Like that other thing that the 14 year old me was absolutely obsessed with that didn’t involve dice.

Then again, I do have some pretty interesting friends now…

Thanksgiving in review

Thanksgiving 2014 has come and gone. We are grateful to our Turkey overlords, praise be upon them.

This year I purchased a Masterbuilt 30″ propane vertical smoker for the Turkey. I had done quite a bit of smoking with it prior to the big day, and I had been incredibly happy with the smoked chicken (whole and by piece) and assorted pork cuts. But, I have to admit, I was not terribly thrilled with the turkey. S/O and her parents seemed to enjoy it, but I was rather “meh” over the entire thing.

The next day I did, however, make some really amazing stew with the carcass.

The little pharma-ginger’s parents flew into town on the morning of the holiday and stayed through until Sunday evening. Unfortunately we didn’t really get to do as much as we would have liked due to some really shitty weather, but all in all it was a good time. We’re heading down there for the Christmas holiday.

Running again

Much to the dog’s chagrin, I started running again this week. Well, yesterday. It’s been over a year… maybe a year and a half since I made any significant strides (HA, yeah I’m the funniest guy in the world). Strangely I slipped right back into it both yesterday and this morning. The running itself isn’t the difficult part for me, it’s pushing myself further than I think I can actually go.

I didn’t keep track yesterday, as going out was a spur of the moment decision. I think I probably got about 3 miles or so in, but there were definitely a few breaks to walk. Cassady and I both needed it, what with all the hills in Seattle. Today, though, I did 4.7 miles without stopping (I chose a mostly flat route). Granted, I won’t be setting any landspeed records at 9min 02sec splits. But I’ve never run for speed. I run to see how far I can make myself go- that’s my fun.

Couple that with the 10 miles per day I’m biking, and it’s a lot more activity than I’ve been up to for a while. I suppose the next step is to join a gym again and move heavy stuff, but I think I’m going to stick with this for a while. Do some body weight stuff here at the house and maybe dust off the kettle bells. Maybe I’ll save the gym for this winter.

Tony Ramone, broken dogs, random thoughts

It’s a hoax. It’s not a hoax. It’s a… yeah. It’s definitely not a hoax, Tony is dead and this makes me sad pants. Sad that I never got to see the Ramones live. Sad that all the members of one of the most influential bands of my young adult life are completely gone. So much energy, so much fun, so many good memories. But damn, they really left their mark. Here’s to you, Tony.

A took the dog on a relatively short walk yesterday, which has resulted in the poor thing not being able to walk down stairs unassisted. Since moving into the new place, she really hasn’t been getting nice long walks like she used to. I’m going to have to remedy that starting this week once she’s recovered a bit. She needs the exercise, and I need to not have to carry her down stairs just to take a potty break.

I got one of my best friends hired at my work this month. The standard line from all my coworkers is “what did this guy do to piss you off?”, which is intended with a certain amount of jest but comes out with the biting edge of what most of them see as truth. Fact is, I don’t think that a lot of folks have worked in a seriously toxic environment like MegaEasy has become over the years. That place seems to have chewed up more good people and spit them out over the course of the last 5 or 6 years than I ever would have expected. I don’t see how the long-timers (10+ years) have done it and managed to keep their wits about them. I guess it’s just a tribute to the human ability to be able to accept whatever situation they’re in as “normal”. Whatever, I’m just glad to have gotten a good friend out and have a “new” awesome coworker.

Biking in to work almost daily now. I had to attend some pretty serious training this week that started a few hours earlier than my normal work day. Put in a good amount of OT this week, so I’m definitely not going to complain. While I dislike the concept of money, I like having the extra green to do whatever little extras I want with.

Said a difficult “see-ya-later” to the person I’m closest to this week. Not easy at all, but she needed to get away and re-evaluate. I’d rather have her out there and happy than close by and miserable. When and if she needs to come back she knows she’s always got a place here.

One set of my friends suffered a really major loss last week. I knew the guy, but not well… it didn’t hit me like a ton of bricks the way it affected them. But it brought back a lot of memories about Victor, a good friend I lost to similar circumstances. Vic’s death was the first “real” death I’d had in my life (just before my Grandfather and John, who were the two people I went to as my sounding boards whenever I had a serious decision to make). I remembered for the first time in a while how unreal the entire thing was… “he was gone, but he couldn’t REALLY be gone- right? That’s just insane.” That kind of thing. Eh, funny how some of these feelings and memories really sneak up on you years later.

Cleaning out the old apartment this weekend and finalizing all the details. It’s going to prove to be interesting. There are just a few odds and ends over there, nothing that we really need here. But I’m definitely looking forward to having this completely off my plate.

“Heatwave” in Seattle this week. We’re looking at temps in the 90s. I’m looking forward to it, but not the complaints that will inevitably follow in the wake of the rising mercury.

I want to ride my bicycle!

I’ve been riding a bike to work for the last month, borrowing one from a coworker who had a spare that hadn’t been used in a year or so. It was ok… definitely something I had to push myself through every day. Not remotely enjoyable, and the afterwork ride was something that I particularly dreaded, if I’m going to be honest.

Last week something odd happened. I knew that the borrowed bike didn’t really fit me all that well, but Wednesday when I dismounted from my ride in my lower back seized up. I was in pain for the rest of the day and there was not a doubt in my mind that it was due to bike fit. The borrowed bike was a 53cm roadbike… definitely made for someone between 5’1 & 5’5. I stand 5’7 in my stocking feet, but figured “what the hell does it matter? It’s just to commute on, I’m not going to be racing or touring with it.”

Ignorant. Completely. Regardless of all of my bike savvy friends, I just never really got into them. It was just not my cuppa. So I never really listened to them when they got all “bike nrrd” when we were out for beers.

I knew when I got off the loaner bike on Wednesday that I would have to buy a new one this weekend. Regardless of the pain that I was in and how often I had to push myself to ride in some days, I was FINALLY starting to enjoy it in the same way that I enjoyed running before I doinked my knee. I *had* to have another bike before I forgot that I enjoyed it and started riding the bus in again.

I got lucky. My buddy Jeremiah found an amazing piece of vintage (early 90s) Italian steel on Craigslist. Riding it is an experience. I’ve never ridden a bike that fit me correctly before, let alone a high quality hand-made Italian road bike. I can’t describe the experience well enough to do it justice, but I believe I’ve officially converted over to the cycling camp.

I’ve tossed a few photos up at my gallery, go take a look if you’re so inclined (they’re the same ones I put up on FB a few days ago, so you may have already had a gander.